Wenge / Zebrano Set #201 - 4 Holds

Buzz Climbing Holds

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Add an exotic buzz to your board with this one-off set.

#201 contains

1 large wengewood incut rail, double - £14.95

1 wengewood incut edge, single - £10.50

2x zebrano low profile - flat pinch - £10.25


Get your hands on a new hold type. These wenge edges are made to be positive without that cutting feeling into your skin.

Wenge is extremely dense, resistant and hard wearing, making it very difficult to work with. But the result is something that will take serious abuse and last a lifetime.

Zebrano with its interlocked grain is nearly as strong, but much lighter and striking in appearance.

As a special set, these have received extra treatment, including a much higher grade sanding and a polished finish. Finished off with optional stainless steel cup washers and laser branding. Only natural treatments and processes are used.

Dispatched in plastic free, sustainable, resuable packaging.

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